Wildlife Sites and Walks in the Eastern Algarve

List of Sites and Walks

Map of Eastern Algarve

The eastern section of the Algarve Coast is much flatter than that further west. Mudflats and saltmarsh are the main coastal habitats, and the area includes the Parque Natural de Rio Formosa, which is a long strip of mainly saltmarsh and saline lagoons stretching from Faro eastwards almost to the Spanish border.

The town of Tavira has a substantial river estuary with walks along the embankment on both sides of the river, which is crossed by several bridges including one dating back to Roman times.

The wildlife, wildflowers and fungi that you are likely to see on walks within Ria Formosa Natural Park are described and illustrated on our page dedicated to that special site...

Similarly, the birds and wildflowers you can expexct to see on a visit to Sapal de castro Marim Nature Reserve, just north of Vila Real, are the subject of a page dedicated to that special site...

Just on the inland side of the A22, many of the hills are actively being quarried, and so the majority of the most interesting wildlife walks are further north and well away from the main centres of population.

For each walk listed below, further information, pictures and a more detailed map are available via the links:

List of Walks

Praia do Faro and San Lourenzo Lake - an easy-going level walk through a birdwatcher's paradise.

National Forest at Vila Real de Santo Antonio and Monte Gordo - easy walks through woodland which is a stronghold of the European (Mediterranean) Chameleon.

Parque Natural do Vale do Guadiana - an outstanding natural park lying partly along the Portuguese border with Spain.

Castro Marim Nature Reserve - walks and trails through one of the Algarve's most famous bird reserves.

Parque Natural da Ria Formosa - easy tracks and boardwalks through a nature reserve with excellent birds, plants and other wildlife including the European Chameleon

For more wildlife walks see our Out with Papa-figos section...

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