Wildflowers in the Algarve (ISBN 0-9549554-9-8) by Pat O'Reilly and Sue Parker

Wildflowers in the Algarve, by Pat O'Reilly & Sue Parker

A beautifully illustrated souvenir and guide to wildflowers in the Algarve, with clear guidance on where, when and how to find many of the botanical gems for which southern Portugal is so renowned. Recommended Retail Price 10 Euros + TVA (£6-60 + P&P in the UK)

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More than 100 large colour photographs and descriptions of the Algarve's varied wildflower habitats and plant species; 'where and when to look' advice; details of the Algarve's nature reserves and natural parks.

Since its launch in 2009 this book has been consistently in the top three on the Algarve non-fiction bestsellers list.

Sample pages

All pages are lavishly illustrated. In-situ and in addition where appropriate closeup photographs complement the descriptions to help with the identification of wildflower species.

Sample pages


Main section headings of this 68-page book:

What Makes the Algarve so Special

Algarve Wildflower Habitat

Wildflower Hotspots

How to Use This Book

By the Way

Coastal Cliffs and Coves

Agricultural Land River Valleys

Estuaries and Marshland

Mountains and Forests

Invaders and Wanderers

Nature Parks and Reserves in the Algarve

Who Cares for the Algarve Environment?



What a delight it is to come across a book that provides such helpful advice and beautiful pictures to help visitors to this wildflower wonderland. I particularly value having a map as well as location information for the dozens of wildflowers that grown in southern Portugal in springtime (December to May being the key months). The scientific names are included for those who prefer to work that way. A pocket guide that is excellent value for money and beautifully produced. Ten out of ten!
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This user-friendly information source will delight newcomers to the Algarve as well as residents who want to discover more of the hidden botanical gems of the region. Well-known authors and naturalists Pat O'Reilly and Sue Parker have produced a beautifully illustrated introductory guide to the wildflower delights of the Algarve. With chapters on the major habitat types - coastal cliffs and coves, agricultural land, river valleys and estuaries, and mountains and forests - the authors guide visitors to the best wildflower locations, describing and illustrating more than 100 of the most beautiful wildflower species to be found throughout the year.
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About the authors

Pat O'Reilly

Writer and broadcaster Pat O'Reilly has wandered the countryside throughout Europe in search of wildflowers for more than 50 years; he has written more than 20 books mainly on wildlife and countryside topics.

Sue Parker

Sue Parker is a frequent contributor to countryside magazines, radio and TV programmes and has been photographing wild orchids for more than 30 years; Sue has written ten books to date.

This book uses the commonly accepted term wildflowers, rather than wild flowers. Whatever your preference the flowers illustrated and described in this guide book are some of the most beautiful to be found in the Algarve, southern Portugal.

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