Wild Orchids of the Algarve: how, when and where to find them, by Sue Parker Wild Orchids of the Algarve - how, when and where to find them, by Sue Parker

"An essential guide for anyone interested in southern Europe's wild orchids, this beautifully-illustrated authoritative guidebook encapsulates the experience of 16 years of conscientious on-location searching, study and research in southern Portugal's famous Algarve region."

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Despite its small geographical area, Portugal’s Algarve region is home to at least 1500 native wildflower species including more than 30 wild orchids. For tourists and residents alike these are major attractions of the very varied Algarve countryside.

For newcomers in particular, wild orchids can be hard to find and even harder to identify. Wild Orchids of the Algarve solves these problems, providing easy-to-follow introductions to the biology and habitats of orchids, and explaining in non-scientific language why the Algarve is such a special place.

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More than 200 colour photographs of the orchids, both in their natural settings and as stunning close-up pictures of their flowers, ensure that readers will be able to identify the orchids they find on countryside rambles.

An illustrated Table of Contents and a pictorial Glossary of Botanical Terms make this a uniquely accessible guidebook.

Written by author and broadcaster Sue Parker, this first ever comprehensive guide to the wild orchids of the Algarve is based on 16 years of research and photography in the Algarve region of southern Portugal.

Wild Orchids of the Algarve - how, when and where to find them, by Sue Parker:
ISBN: 978-0-9560544-8-7; 128 pages, full colour, Hardback binding. RRP £18.50

Review comments by orchid experts:

A comprehensive guide to the orchids specific to the Algarve with notes on occurrence and identification. The photographic material is excellent – people will undoubtedly be able to identify the orchids they find using this book.’ Dr. Finn Rasmussen.

‘A great achievement’ - Dr. Chris Thorogood, author of Field Guide to the Wildflowers of the Algarve.

Congratulations on your marvellous and complete book about Algarve Orchids’. Américo Pereira, Orquideas Soltas

About the author

Sue Parker

Born in Tenby in South Wales, after living in many other countries and travelling the world as an essential part of her job as director of a media marketing company, Sue now shares her time between her homes in Wales and in the Algarve as well as travelling, mainly in Europe, to see, photograph and learn more about wild terrestrial orchids.

Sue Parker's passion for wild orchids dates back to her childhood in the Far East, where epiphytic orchids grew on the fence at the bottom of her garden, and the tropical countryside abounded with orchids as well as many other beautiful exotic flowers. She has been surveying and studying the wild orchids of the Algarve for more than 15 years. To date Sue has written nine books about wildflowers, including four that are devoted to terrestrial orchids. She has also made radio and television programmes about orchids and continues to contribute articles to countryside magazines.

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