Birds in the Algarve - arranged by taxonomic families

Many keen birders visit the Algarve region of Portugal because it is on a major migration route, but even away from the Sagres area (a hotspot for observing passage migrants) there are many other good sites for bird watching and plenty of resident seabirds, garden birds and countryside birds (including birds of prey) to make a visit worthwhile.

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For more details of the best birding sites, see our Nature Reserves/Parks and Wildlife Walks section; however, it's worth mentioning here that the saltpans at Parque Natural de Rio Formosa, the cork oak forests in the serra (hills), and the coastal cliffs (where many seabirds nest) are well worth visiting. In towns look out for White Stork nesting on chimneys; on golf courses keep an eye open for the lovely Hoopoe; and in farmland where almond trees grow there's a very good chance of seeing Bee-eaters, which often rest on telephone wires and high fences; this makes them easy to spot but tricky to photograph against a bright sky.

The table below, sorted alphabetically by scientific names, lists a small selection of the birds reported from the Algarve. Some are common; others infrequent and a few rarely seen. For excellent pictures and detailed information of when and where these birds are most likely to be seen, it's well worth getting a copy of Algarve Wildlife, the natural year, a beautifully illustrated book by Clive Viney and Ray Tipper, two expert birders who live in the Algarve and have been studying bird life there for many years.

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Goshawk Açor Accipitridae
Sparrowhawk, Eurasian Gavião Accipitridae
Eagle, Spanish Imperial Águia-imperial Accipitridae
Eagle, Golden Águia-real Accipitridae
Eagle, Bonelli’s Águia perdligueira Accipitridae
Buzzard, Common Águia-d’asa-redonda Accipitridae
Eagle, Short-toed Águia-cobreira Accipitridae
Harrier, Marsh Águia-sepeira Accipitridae
Harrier, Hen Tartaranhão-cinzento Accipitridae
Harrier, Montagu’s Águia caçadeira Accipitridae
Kite, Black-winged Peneireiro-cinzento Accipitridae
Vulture, Griffon Grifo Accipitridae
Vulture, Griffon, Rüppell's Grifo-pedres Accipitridae
Eagle, Booted Águia-calçada Accipitridae
Kite, Black Milhafre-preto Accipitridae
Kite, Red Milhafre-real Accipitridae
Vulture, Egyptian Britango Accipitridae
Honey-buzzard Butio-vespeiro Accipitridae
Warbler, Great Reed Rouxinol-grande-dos-caniços Acrocephalidae
Warbler, Sedge Felosa-dos-juncos Acrocephalidae
Warbler, Reed Rouxinol-dos-caniços Acrocephalidae
Warbler, Melodious Felosa-poliglota Acrocephalidae
Warbler, Western Olivaceous Felosa-pálida Acrocephalidae
Skylark Laverca Alaudidae
Lark, Greater Short-toed Calhandrinha-comum Alaudidae
Lark, Lesser Short-toed Calhandrinha-das-marismas Alaudidae
Lark, Crested Cotovia-de-poupa Alaudidae
Lark, Thekla Cotovia-escura Alaudidae
Woodlark Cotovia-dos-bosques Alaudidae
Kingfisher, Common Guarda-rios Alcedinidae
Razorbill Torda-mergulheira Alcidae
Puffin Papagaio-do-mar Alcidae
Pintail Arrábio Anatidae
Teal, Eurasian Marrequinha-comum Anatidae
Wigeon, Eurasian Piadeira Anatidae
Mallard Pato-real Anatidae
Goose, Greylag Ganso-bravo Anatidae
Pochard, Common Zarro Anatidae
Duck, Tufted Negrinha Anatidae
Duck, Ferruginous Pêrra Anatidae
Gadwall Frisada Anatidae
Scoter, Common Negrola Anatidae
Pochard, Red-crested Pato-de-bico-vermelho Anatidae
Shoveler Pato-colhereiro Anatidae
Garganey Marreco Anatidae
Shelduck, Common Tadorna Anatidae
Swift, Common Andorinhão-preto Apodidae
Swift, Alpine Andorinhão-real Apodidae
Swift, Pallid Andorinhão-pálido Apodidae
Egret, Great White Garça-branca-grande Ardeidae
Heron, Grey Garça-real Ardeidae
Heron, Purple Garça-vermelha Ardeidae
Egret, Cattle Carraceiro Ardeidae
Egret, Little Garça-branca-pequena Ardeidae
Bittern, Little Garçote Ardeidae
Night-Heron Goraz Ardeidae
Stone-curlew Alcaravão Burhinidae
Nightjar, Red-necked Noitibó-de-nuca-vermelha Caprimulgidae
Treecreeper, Short-toed Trepadeira Certhiidae
Warbler, Cetti’s Rouxinol-bravo Cettiidae
Plover, Kentish Borrelho-de-coleira-interrompida Charadriidae
Plover, Little Ringed Borrelho-pequeno-de-coleira Charadriidae
Plover, Ringed Borrelho-grande-de-coleira Charadriidae
Dotterel Borrelho-ruivo Charadriidae
Plover, European Golden Tarambola-dourada Charadriidae
Plover, Grey Tarambola-cinzenta Charadriidae
Lapwing, Northern Abibe Charadriidae
Stork, White Cegonha-branca Ciconiidae
Stork, Black Cegonha-preta Ciconiidae
Cisticola, Zitting Fuinha-dos-juncos Cisticolidae
Dove, Rock Pombo-das-rochas Columbidae
Dove, Stock Seixa Columbidae
Pigeon, Wood Pombo-torcaz Columbidae
Dove, Collared Rola-turca Columbidae
Dove, Turtle Rola-brava Columbidae
Jackdaw, Western
Gralha-de-nuca-cinzenta Corvidae
Raven, Common Corvo Corvidae
Crow, Carrion Gralha-preta Corvidae
Magpie, Azure-winged Charneco Corvidae
Jay, Eurasian Gaio Corvidae
Magpie Pega Corvidae
Chough, Red-billed Gralha-de-bico-vermelho Corvidae
Cuckoo, Great Spotted Cuco-rabilongo Cuculidae
Cuckoo, Common Cuco Cuculidae
Bunting, Corn Trigueirão Emberizidae
Bunting, Rock Cia Emberizidae
Bunting, Cirl Escrevedeira-de-garganta-preta Emberizidae
Bunting, Ortolan Sombria Emberizidae
Bunting, Reed Escrevedeira-dos-cani├žos Emberizidae
Waxbill, Common Bico-de-lacre Estrildidae
Merlin Esmerilhão Falconidae
Falcon, Peregrine Falcão-peregrino Falconidae
Hobby Ógea Falconidae
Kestrel, Common Peneireiro Falconidae
Goldfinch Pintassilgo Fringillidae
Greenfinch Verdilhão Fringillidae
Chaffinch, Common Tentilhão-comum Fringillidae
Brambling Tentilhão-montês Fringillidae
Linnet Pintarroxo Fringillidae
Bullfinch Dom-fafe Fringillidae
Serin, European Milheirinha Fringillidae
Siskin Lugre Fringillidae
Pratincole, Collared Perdiz-do-mar Glareolidae
Oystercatcher Ostraceiro Haematopodidae
Martin, House Andorinha-dos-beirais Hirundidae
Martin, Crag Andorinha-das-rochas Hirundidae
Martin, Sand Andorinha-das-barreiras Hirundidae
Swallow, Red-rumped Andorinha-dáurica Hirundinidae
Swallow, Barn Andorinha-das-chaminés Hirundinidae
Storm-petrel, European Alma-de-mestre Hydrobatidae
Storm-petrel, Wilson's Casquilho Hydrobatidae
Shrike, Iberian Grey Picanço-real Laniidae
Shrike, Woodchat Picanço-barreteiro Laniidae
Gull, Slender-billed Gaivota-de-bico-fino Laridae
Gull, Black-headed Guincho-comum Laridae
Gull, Mediterranean Gaivota-de-cabeça-preta Laridae
Gull, Audouin’s Gaivota de Audouin Laridae
Gull, Lesser Black-backed Gaivota-d'asa-escura Laridae
Gull, Yellow-legged Gaivota-de-patas-amarelas Laridae
Kittiwake, Black-legged Gaivota-tridáctila Laridae
Warbler, Savi's Cigarrinha-ruiva Locustellidae
Warbler, Grasshopper Cigarrinha-malhada Locustellidae
Bee-eater, European Abelharuco Meropidae
Pipit, Tawny Petinha-dos-campos Motacillidae
Pipit, Rock Pethina marítima Motacillidae
Pipit, Meadow Petinha-dos-prados Motacillidae
Pipit, Richard’s Petinha de Richard Motacillidae
Pipit, Water Petinha-ribeirinha Motacillidae
Pipit, Tree Petinha-das-árvores Motacillidae
Wagtail, White Alvéola-branca Motacillidae
Wagtail, Grey Alvéola-cinzenta Motacillidae
Wagtail, Yellow Alvéola-amarela Motacillidae
Scrub Robin, Rufous-tailed Solitário Muscicapidae
Robin, European Pisco-de-peito-ruivo Muscicapidae
Flycatcher, Pied Papa-moscas-preto Muscicapidae
Nightingale, Common Rouxinol-comum Muscicapidae
Bluethroat Pisco-de-peito-azul Muscicapidae
Thrush, Blue Rock Melro-azul Muscicapidae
Flycatcher, Spotted Taralhão-cinzento Muscicapidae
Wheatear, Black-eared Chasco-ruivo Muscicapidae
Wheatear, Northern Chasco-cinzento Muscicapidae
Redstart, Black Rabirruivo Muscicapidae
Redstart, Common Rabirruivo-de-testa-branca Muscicapidae
Whinchat Cartaxo-nortenho Muscicapidae
Stonechat, European Cartaxo-comum Muscicapidae
Oriole, Golden Papa-figos Oriolidae
Bustard, Little Sisão Otididae
Osprey Águia-pesqueira Pandionidae
Tit, Long-tailed Chapim-rabilongo Paridae
Tit, Blue Chapim-azul Paridae
Tit, Crested Chapim-de-poupa Paridae
Tit, Great Chapim-real Paridae
Sparrow, House Pardal Passeridae
Sparrow, Spanish Pardal-espanhol Passeridae
Sparrow, Tree Pardal-montês Passeridae
Sparrow, Rock Pardal-francês Passeridae
Shag, European Galheta Phalacrocoracidae
Cormorant, Great Corvo-marinho Phalacrocoracidae
Partridge, Red-legged Perdiz-comum Phasianidae
Quail, Common Codorniz Phasianidae
Flamingo, Greater Flamingo Phoenicopteridae
Warbler, Western Bonelli’s Felosa-de-papo-branco Phylloscopidae
Chiffchaff, Common Felosinha Phylloscopidae
Chiffchaff, Iberian Felosinha-ibérica Phylloscopidae
Warbler, Willow Felosa-musical Phylloscopidae
Woodpecker, Great Spotted Pica-pau-malhado Picidae
Woodpecker, Lesser Spotted Pica-pau-galego Picidae
Wryneck Torcicolo Picidae
Woodpecker, Iberian Green Peto-real Picidae
Weaver, Black-headed Tecelão-de-cabeca-preta Ploceidae
Grebe, Great Crested Mergulhão-de-poupa Podicipedidae
Grebe, Black-necked Cagarraz Podicipedidae
Grebe, Little Mergulhão-pequeno Podicipedidae
Shearwater, Cory’s Cagarra Procellariidae
Shearwater, Great Pardela-de-barrete Procellariidae
Shearwater, Sooty Pardela-preta Procellariidae
Shearwater, Balearic Fura-bucho das Baleares Procellariidae
Accentor, Alpine Ferreirinha-alpina Prunellidae
Dunnock Ferreirinha-comum Prunellidae
Coot, Common Galeirão Rallidae
Moorhen Galinha-d'água Rallidae
Swamp-hen, Purple Caimão Rallidae
Rail, Water Frango-d'água Rallidae
Stilt, Black-winged Pernilongo Recurvirostridae
Avocet Alfaiate Recurvirostridae
Firecrest Estrelinha-real Regulidae
Sandpiper, Common Maçarico-das-rochas Scolopacidae
Turnstone Rola-do-mar Scolopacidae
Sanderling Pilrito-das-praias Scolopacidae
Dunlin Pilrito-de-peito-preto Scolopacidae
Knot, Red Seixoeira Scolopacidae
Sandpiper, Curlew Pilrito-de-bico-comprido Scolopacidae
Stint, Little Pilrito-pequeno Scolopacidae
Ruff Combatente Scolopacidae
Stint, Temminck’s Pilrito de Temminck Scolopacidae
Snipe, Common Narceja-comum Scolopacidae
Godwit, Bar-tailed Fuselo Scolopacidae
Godwit, Black-tailed Milherango Scolopacidae
Snipe, Jack Narceja-galega Scolopacidae
Curlew, Eurasian Maçarico-real Scolopacidae
Whimbrel Maçarico-galego Scolopacidae
Phalarope, Grey Falaropo-de-bico-grosso Scolopacidae
Woodcock Galinhola Scolopacidae
Redshank, Spotted Perna-vermelha-bastardo Scolopacidae
Sandpiper, Wood Maçarico-de-dorso-malhado Scolopacidae
Greenshank Perna-verde-comum Scolopacidae
Sandpiper, Green Maçarico-bique-bique Scolopacidae
Redshank, Common Perna-vermelha-comum Scolopacidae
Nuthatch, Eurasian Trepadeira-azul Sittidae
Skua, Arctic Moleiro-pequeno Stercorariidae
Skua, Pomarine Moleiro do Árctico Stercorariidae
Skua, Great Alcaide Stercorariidae
Tern, Whiskered Gaivina-dos-pauis Sternidae
Tern, Black Gaivina-preta Sternidae
Tern, Gull-billed Tagaz Sternidae
Tern, Caspian Garajau-grande Sternidae
Tern, Common Gaivina Sternidae
Tern, Arctic Gaivina do Árctico Sternidae
Tern, Little Chilreta Sternidae
Tern, Sandwich Garajau Sternidae
Owl, Short-eared Coruja-do-nabal Strigidae
Owl, Little Mocho-galego Strigidae
Owl, Eagle Bufo-real Strigidae
Owl, Tawny Coruja-do-mato Strigidae
Starling, Spotless Estorninho-preto Sturnidae
Starling, Common Estorninho-malhado Sturnidae
Gannet, Northern Ganso-patola; Alcatraz Sulidae
Whitethroat, Common Papa-amoras Sylviidae
Warbler, Spectacled Toutinegra-tomilheira Sylviidae
Warbler, Western Orphean Toutinegra-real Sylviidae
Warbler, Western Subalpine Toutinegra-de-bigodes Sylviidae
Warbler, Sardinian Toutinegra-dos-valados Sylviidae
Warbler, Dartford Toutinegra-do-mato Sylviidae
Blackcap Toutinegra-de-barrete Sylviidae
Warbler, Garden Toutinegra-das-figueiras Sylviidae
Spoonbill, Eurasian Colhereiro Threskiornithidae
Ibis, Glossy Íbis-preta Threskiornithidae
Wren Carriça Troglodytidae
Redwing Tordo-ruivo Turdidae
Blackbird Melro-preto Turdidae
Thrush, Song Tordo-pinto Turdidae
Fieldfare Tordo-zornal Turdidae
Ouzel, Ring Melro-de-colar Turdidae
Thrush, Mistle Tordoveia Turdidae
Owl, Barn Coruja-das-torres Tytonidae
Hoopoe Poupa Upupidae

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