Algarve Wildlife - 2012 Sightings and Prospects (archived)

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The Friar's celebrate the arrival of spring - Sue Parker

Friar's Cowl
Friar's Cowl flowers in December in the Algarve

Spring comes early in the Algarve - the first signs are well and truly visible in December. Once autumn rains have stimulated the plants into growth it is not long before th├▒ first wildflowers appear. The ubiquitous Bermuda Buttercup (Oxalis pes caprqe9 is not the whole story, although the ┬┤eleagured farmers who toil to eradicate this invasive alien plant might believe iT. Hiding beneath its arrowhead-shaped leaves is Friar's Cowl (Arisarum vulgare). A close look at this delightful little flower (a member of the Arum family - Araceae) will reveal the reason for its common name.

Sue Parker is author of Wild Orchids in the Algarve

Showing the Flamingos how to do what should come naturally.... Ray Tipper

Building Flamingo nest mounds at Castro Marim Nature Reserve in spring 2012
Not mud pies - Flamingo nest mounds!

3rd February 2012. I was at Castro Marim Reserve today flamingo nest-mound building! You would think they would know how to do it themselves. Believe it or not, in other parts of Europe these mud piles have stimulated Greater Flamingos to breed at new sites.

Ray Tipper is a co-author of Algarve Wildlife - the natural year

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