Birds in the Algarve

Many keen birders visit the Algarve region of Portugal because it is on a major migration route, but even away from the Sagres area (a hotspot for observing passage migrants) there are many other good sites for bird watching and plenty of resident seabirds, garden birds and countryside birds (including birds of prey) to make a visit worthwhile.

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For more details of the best birding sites, see our Nature Reserves/Parks and Wildlife Walks section; however, it's worth mentioning here that the saltpans at Parque Natural de Rio Formosa, the cork oak forests in the serra (hills), and the coastal cliffs (where many seabirds nest) are well worth visiting. In towns look out for White Stork nesting on chimneys; on golf courses keep an eye open for the lovely Hoopoe; and in farmland where almond trees grow there's a very good chance of seeing Bee-eaters, which often rest on telephone wires and high fences; this makes them easy to spot but tricky to photograph against a bright sky.

The table below, sorted alphabetically by scientific names, lists a small selection of the birds reported from the Algarve. Some are common; others infrequent and a few rarely seen. For excellent pictures and detailed information of when and where these birds are most likely to be seen, it's well worth getting a copy of Algarve Wildlife, the natural year, a beautifully illustrated book by Clive Viney and Ray Tipper, two expert birders who live in the Algarve and have been studying bird life there for many years.

Scientific Names

English Names


Accipiter gentilis Goshawk Açor Resident / common
Accipiter nisus Sparrowhawk Gavião da Europa Resident / common
Acrocephalus arundinaceus Warbler, Great Reed Rouxinol-grande-dos-caniços Summer / common
Acrocephalus schoenobaenus Warbler, Sedge Felosa-dos-juncos Migratory / common
Acrocephalus scirpaceus Warbler, Reed Rouxinol-pequeno-dos-caniços Summer / common
Actitis hypoleucos Sandpiper, Common Maçarico-das-rochas Resident / common
Aegithalos caudatus Tit, Long-tailed Chapim-rabilongo Resident / common
Aegypius monachus Vulture, Black Abutre-preto Migratory / rare
Alauda arvensis Skylark Laverca Wintering / common
Alca torda Razorbill Torda-mergulheira Wintering / common
Alcedo atthis Kingfisher Guarda-rios Resident / common
Alectoris rufa Partridge, Red-legged Perdiz-comum Resident / very common
Anas acuta Pintail, Northern Arrabio Wintering / common
Anas clypeata Shoveller, Northern Pato-trombeteiro Wintering / common
Anas crecca Teal, Eurasian Marrequinha-comum Wintering / common
Anas penelope Wigeon Piadeira Wintering / common
Anas platyrhynchos Mallard Pato-real Resident / very common
Anas querquedula Garganey Marreco Migratory / uncommon
Anas strepera Gadwall Frisada Resident / very common
Anser anser Goose, Greylag Ganso-bravo Wintering / uncommon
Anthus campestris Pipit, Tawny Petinha-dos-campos Summer / common
Anthus petrosus Pipit, Rock Pethina-das-rochas Migrtory/Wintering / rare
Anthus pratensis Pipit, Meadow Petinha-dos-prados Wintering / common
Anthus richardi Pipit, Richard’s Petinha de Richard Wintering / uncommon
Anthus spinoletta Pipit, Water Petinha-ribeirinha Wintering / common
Anthus trivialis Pipit, Tree Petinha-das-árvores Migratory / common
Apus apus Swift, Common Andorinhão-preto Summer / common
Apus caffer Swift, White-rumped Andorinhão-cafre Summer / uncommon
Apus melba Swift, Alpine Andorinhão-real Summer / common
Apus pallidus Swift, Pallid Andorinhão-pálido Summer / common
Aquila adalberti Eagle, Spanish Imperial Águia-imperial Migratory / rare
Aquila chrysaetos Eagle, Golden Águia-real Migratory / rare
Aquila fasciata Eagle, Bonelli’s Águia de Bonelli Resident / uncommon
Aquila pennata Eagle, Booted Águia-calçada Migratory / common
Ardea cinerea Heron, Grey Garça-real Resident / common
Ardea purpurea Heron, Purple Garça-vermelha Summer / common
Arenaria interpres Turnstone Rola-do-mar Uncommon
Asio flammeus Owl, Short-eared Coruja-do-nabal Migratory / Wintering / uncommon
Asio otus Owl, Long-eared Bufo-pequeno Migratory / uncommon
Athene noctua Owl, Little Mocho-galego Resident / common
Athya collaris Duck, Ring-necked Caturro Rare
Athya fuligula Duck, Tufted Zarro-negrinha Wintering / common
Athya marila Scaup, Greater Zarro-bastardo Rare
Athya nyroca Duck, Ferruginous Zarro-castanho Wintering / Migratory / rare
Aythya ferina Pochard, Common Zarro-comum Wintering / common
Bombycilla garrulus Waxbill, Common Tagarela-europeia ou Picoteiro Resident / common
Botarus stellaris Bittern Abetouro Rare
Branta bernicla Goose, Brent Ganso-de-faces-pretas Wintering / rare
Bubulcus ibis Egret, Cattle Garça-boieira Resident / very common
Bubo bubo Owl, Eagle Bufo-real Resident / common
Burhinus oedicnemus Stone-curlew Alcaravão Uncommon
Burhinus oedicnemus Thick-knee, Eurasian Alcaravao Resident / common
Buteo buteo Buzzard, Common Águia-d’asa-redonda Resident / common
Buteo rufinus Buzzard, Long-legged Butio-mourisco Rare
Calandrella brachydactyla Lark, Greater Short-toed Calhandrinha-comum Summer / common
Calandrella rufescens Lark, Lesser Short-toed Calhandrinha-das-marismas Resident / uncommon
Calidris alba Sanderling Pilrito-das-praias Migratory / Wintering / common
Calidris alpina Dunlin Pilrito-comum Migratory / Wintering / very common
Calidris canutus Knot Seixoeira Migratory / Wintering / common
Calidris ferruginea Sandpiper, Curlew Pilrito-de-bico-comprido Migratory / Wintering / common
Calidris melanotos Sandpiper, Pectoral Pilrito-de-colete Rare
Calidris minuta Stint, Little Pilrito-pequeno Migratory / Wintering / common
Calidris temminckii Stint, Temminck’s Pilrito de Temminck Migratory / Wintering / uncommon
Calonectris diomedea Shearwater, Cory’s Cagarra Migratory / common
Caprimulgus europaeus Nightjar, European Noitibó-cinzento Migratory / uncommon
Caprimulgus ruficollis Nightjar, Red-necked Noitibó-de-nuca-vermelha Summer / common
Carduelis cannabina Linnet Pintarroxo Resident / common
Carduelis carduelis Goldfinch Pintassilgo Resident / common
Carduelis chloris Greenfinch Verdilhão Resident / common
Carduelis spinus Siskin Lugre Wintering / common
Cecropis daurica Swallow, Red-rumped Andorinha-dáurica Summer / common
Cercotrichas galactotes Robin, Rufous-tailed Scrub Rouxinol-do-mato Summer / uncommon
Certhia brachydactyla Treecreeper, Short-toed Trepadeira-comum Resident / common
Cettia cetti Warbler, Cetti’s Rouxinol-bravo Resident / common
Chaetura pelagica Swift, Chimney Andorinhão-de-rabo-espinhoso Migratory / rare
Charadrius alexandrinus Plover, Kentish Borrelho-de-coleira-interrompida Resident / common
Charadrius dubius Plover, Little Ringed Borrelho-pequeno-de-coleira Summer / common
Charadrius hiaticula Plover, Ringed Borrelho-grande-de-coleira Wintering / very common
Charadrius morinellus Dotterel, Eurasian Borrelho-ruivo Migratory / rare
Chlidonias hybridus Tern, Whiskered Gaivina-dos-pauis Migratory / uncommon
Chlidonias niger Tern, Black Gaivina-preta Migratory / common
Ciconia ciconia Stork, White Cegonha-branca Resident / very common
Ciconia nigra Stork, Black Cegonha-preta Migratory / rare
Cignus olor Swan, Mute Cisne Rare
Circaetus gallicus Eagle, Short-toed Águia-cobreira Summer / common
Circus aeruginosus Harrier, Marsh Tartaranhão-ruivo-dos-pauis Resident / common
Circus cyaneus Harrier, Hen Tartaranhão-azulado Wintering / uncommon
Circus pygargus Harrier, Montagu’s Tartaranhão-caçador Summer / common
Cisticola juncidis Cisticola, Zitting Fuinha-dos-juncos Resident / common
Clamator glandarius Cuckoo, Great Spotted Cuco-rabilongo Summer / uncommon
Clangula hyemalis Duck, Long-tailed Pato-rabilongo Rare
Coccothraustes coccothraustes Hawfinch Bico-grossudo Resident / common
Columba livia Dove, Rock Pombo-das-rochas Resident / common
Columba oenas Dove, Stock Seixa Migratory / uncommon
Columba palumbus Pigeon, Wood Pombo-torcaz Resident / common
Coracias garrulus Roller Rolieiro Migratory / rare
Corvus corax Raven Corvo Resident / uncommon
Corvus corona corona Crow, Carrion Fuinha-dos-juncos Resident / uncommon
Corvus monedula Jackdaw
Gralha-de-nuca-cinzenta Resident / common
Coturnix coturnix Quail Codorniz Resident / common
Cuculus canorus Cuckoo Cuco-canoro Summer / common
Cyanopica cyanus Magpie, Azure-winged Pega-azul Resident / common
Delichon urbica Martin, House Andorinha-dos-beirais Summer / common
Dendrocopos major Woodpecker, Great Spotted Pica-pau-malhado-grande Resident / common
Dendrocopos minor Woodpecker, Lesser Spotted Pica-pau-galego Resident / common
Egretta alba Egret, Great Garça-branca-grande Wintering / rare
Egretta garzetta Egret, Little Garça-branca-pequena Resident / common
Elanus caeruleus Kite, Black-shouldered Peneireiro-cinzento Wintering / common
Emberiza calandra Bunting, Corn Trigueirão Resident / common
Emberiza cia Bunting, Rock Cia Resident / common
Emberiza cirlus Bunting, Cirl Escrevedeira-de-garganta-preta Resident / uncommon
Emberiza hortulana Bunting, Ortolan Sombria Migratory / uncommon
Emberiza schoeniclus Bunting, Reed Escrevedeira-dos-canicos Wintering / uncommon
Erithacus rubecula Robin Pisco-de-peito-ruivo Resident / common
Estrilda astrild Common Waxbill   Introduced
Falco columbarius Merlin Esmerilhao Migratory / rare
Falco eleanorae Falcon, Eleanora's Falcão-de-rainha Migratory / rare
Falco naumanni Kestrel, Lesser Francelho-das-torres Migratory / uncommon
Falco peregrinus Falcon, Peregrine Falcão-peregrino Resident / common
Falco subbuteo Hobby Ógea Migratory / uncommon
Falco tinnunculus Kestrel, Common Peneireiro-vulgar Resident / common
Ficedula hypoleuca Flycatcher, Pied Papa-moscas-preto Migratory / common
Fratercula arctica Puffin, Atlantic Papagaio-do-mar Migratory / rare
Fringilla coelebs Chaffinch Tentilhão-comum Resident / common
Fringilla montifringilla Brambling Tentilhão-montês Migratory / Wintering / rare
Fulica atra Coot Galeirão-comum Resident / very common
Fulica cristata Coot, Red-knobbed Galeirão-de-crista Wintering / rare
Galerida cristata Lark, Crested Cotovia-de-poupa Resident / common
Galerida theklae Lark, Thekla Cotovia-montesina Resident / common
Gallinago gallinago Snipe, Common Narceja-comum Migratory / Wintering / common
Gallinula chloropus Moorhen Galinha-d'água Resident / very common
Garrulus glandarius Jay Gaio Garrulus Resident / common
Gelochelidon nilotica Tern, Gull-billed Gaivina-de-bico-preto Migratory / rare
Geronticus eremita Ibis, Bald Ibis-pelado Rare
Glareola pratincola Pratincole, Collared Perdiz-do-mar Summer / common
Gyps fulvus Vulture, Griffon Grifo Migratory / uncommon
Gyps rueppellii Vulture, Rueppell's Griffon Grifo-pedres Migratory / rare
Haematopus ostralegus Oystercatcher Ostraceiro Wintering / common
Hieraateus pennatus Booted Eagle   wintering scarce
Himantopus himantopus Stilt, Black-winged Pernilongo Resident / very common
Hippolais polyglotta Warbler, Melodious Felosa-poliglota Summer / common
Hirundo rustica Swallow, Barn Andorinha-das-chaminés Summer / common
Hydrobates pelagicus Storm Petrel, European Alma-de-mestre Migratory
Hydrobates pelagicus Storm-petrel, European Alma-de-mestre Migratory
Hydrocoloeus minutus Gull, Little Gaivota-pequena Migratory / Wintering / uncommon
Iduna opaca Warbler, Western Olivaceous Felosa-pálida Rare
Ixobrychus minutus Bittern, Little Garçote Summer / uncommon
Jynx torquilla Wryneck Torcicolo Summer / common
Lanius meridionalis Shrike, Southern Grey Picanço-real Wintering / common
Lanius senator Shrike, Woodchat Picanço-barreteiro Summer / common
Larus argentatus Gull, Herring Gaivota-prateada Wintering / rare
Larus audouinii Gull, Audouin’s Gaivota de Audouin Resident / common
Larus canus Gull, Common Gaivota-comum Wintering / uncommon
Larus fuscus Gull, Lesser Black-backed Gaivota-d'asa-escura Resident / common
Larus genei Gull, Slender-billed Gaivota-de-bico-fino Migratory / Wintering / uncommon
Larus hyperboreus Gull, Glaucous Gaivota-hiperbórea Rare
Larus marinus Gull, Greater Black-backed Gaivotao-real Wintering / rare
Larus melanocephalus Gull, Mediterranean Gaivota-de-cabeça-preta Migratory / Wintering / common
Larus michahellis Gull, Yellow-legged Gaivota-argêntea Resident / common
Larus ridibundus Gull, Black-headed Guincho-comum Resident / common
Larus sabini Gull, Sabine's Gaivota-de-Sabine Migratory / rare
Limosa lapponica Godwit, Bar-tailed Fuselo Migratory / Wintering / common
Limosa limosa Godwit, Black-tailed Maçarico-de-bico-direito Migratory / Wintering / common
Locustella luscinioides Warbler, Savi's Cigarrinha-ruiva Summer / rare
Locustella naevia Warbler, Grasshopper Cigarrinha-malhada Migratory / uncommon
Lullula arborea Woodlark Cotovia-arbórea Resident / common
Luscinia megarhynchos Nightingale Rouxinol-comum Summer / common
Luscinia svecica Bluethroat Pisco-de-peito-azul Wintering / common
Lymnocryptes minimus Snipe, Jack Narceja-galega Migratory / Wintering / uncommon
Melanita perspicilatta Scoter,Surf Pato-careto Rare
Melanitta nigra Scoter, Common Negrola Wintering / common
Melanocorypha calandra Lark, Calandra Calhandra-real  
Mergus merganser Merganser, Common Merganso-grande Rare
Mergus serrator Merganser, Red-breasted Merganso Wintering / rare
Merops apiaster Bee-eater Abelharuco Summer / common
Milvus migrans Kite, Black Milhafre-preto Summer / common
Milvus milvus Kite, Red Milhafre-real Migratory / uncommon
Monticola solitarius Thrush, Blue Rock Melro-azul Resident / common
Montifringilla nivalis Finch, Snow Pardal-das-neves Migratory / rare
Morus bassanus Gannet Ganso-patola Migratory / Wintering / common
Motacilla alba Wagtail, White Alvéola-branca Resident / common
Motacilla cinerea Wagtail, Grey Alvéola-cinzenta Resident / common
Motacilla flava Wagtail, Yellow Alvéola-amarela Summer / common
Muscicapa striata Flycatcher, Spotted Papa-moscas-cinzento Migratory / common
Neophron percnopterus Vulture, Egyptian Abutre do Egipto Migratory / uncommon
Netta rufina Pochard, Red-crested Pato-de-bico-vermelho Resident / common
Numenius arquata Curlew Maçarico-real Migratory / Wintering / common
Numenius phaeopus Whimbrel Maçarico-galego Migratory / Wintering / common
Nycticorax nycticorax Night-Heron, Black-capped Goraz Migratory / uncommon
Oceanites oceanicus Storm Petrel, Wilson's Casquilho Migratory
Oceanites oceanicus Storm-petrel, Wilson’s Painho-casquilho Migratory
Oenanthe hispanica Wheatear, Black-eared Chasco-cinzento Summer / common
Oenanthe oenanthe Wheatear, Northern Chasco-cinzento Migratory / common
Oriolus oriolus Oriole, Golden Papa-figos Summer / common
Otis tarda Bustard, Great Abetarda Rare
Otus scops Owl, Scops Mocho-pequeno-d’orelhas Resident / common
Oxyura jamaicensis Duck, Ruddy Pato-de-rabo-alçado-americano Rare
Oxyura leucocephala Duck, White-headed Pato-de-rabo-alçado Migratory / Wintering / rare
Pandion haliaetus Osprey Águia-pesqueira Migratory / rare
Parus caeruleus Tit, Blue Chapim-azul Resident / common
Parus cristatus Tit, Crested Chapim-de-poupa Resident / common
Parus major Tit, Great Chapim-real Resident / common
Passer domesticus Sparrow, House Pardal-dos-telhados Resident / common
Passer hispaniolensis Sparrow, Spanish Pardal-espanhol Wintering / uncommon
Passer montanus Sparrow, Tree Pardal-montês Resident / uncommon
Pastor roseus Starling, Rose-coloured Estorninho-rosado Migratory / rare
Pernis apivorus Buzzard, Honey Bútio-vespeiro Migratory / uncommon
Petronia petronia Sparrow, Rock Pardal-francês Wintering / uncommon
Phalacrocorax aristotelis Shag, European Galheta Resident / uncommon
Phalacrocorax carbo Cormorant Corvo-marinho-de-faces-brancas Wintering / very common
Phalaropus fulicarius Phalarope, Grey Falaropo-de-bico-grosso Migratory / rare
Phalaropus lobatus Phalarope, Red-necked Falaropo-de-bico-fino Migratory / rare
Philomachus pugnax Ruff Combatente Migratory / Wintering / common
Phoenicopterus minor Flamingo, Lesser Flamingo-anão Rare
Phoenicopterus ruber Flamingo, Greater Flamingo Wintering / very common
Phoenicurus ochruros Redstart, Black Rabirruivo-preto Resident / common
Phoenicurus phoenicurus Redstart, Common Rabirruivo-de-testa-branca Summer / common
Phylloscopus bonelli Warbler, Western Bonelli’s Felosa de Bonelli Migratory / uncommon
Phylloscopus collybita Chiffchaff, Common Felosa-comum Wintering / common
Phylloscopus ibericus Chiffchaff, Iberian Felosa-ibérica Summer / common
Phylloscopus trochilus Warbler, Willow Felosa-musical Migratory / common
Pica pica Magpie Pega-rabuda Resident / common
Picus viridis sharpei Woodpecker, Iberian Green Peto-verde Resident / common
Platalea leucorodia Spoonbill, European Colhereiro Resident / common
Plectrophenax nivalis Bunting, Snow Escrevedeira-das-neves Wintering / rare
Plegadis falcinellus Ibis, Glossy Íbis-preta Wintering / common
Pluvialis apricaria Plover, Golden Tarambola-dourada Wintering / common
Pluvialis squatarola Plover, Grey Tarambola-cinzenta Migratory / Wintering / common
Podiceps auritus Grebe, Horned Mergulhao-de-pescoco-castanho Rare
Podiceps cristatus Grebe, Great Crested Mergulhão-de-crista Resident / common
Podiceps nigricollis Grebe, Black-necked Mergulhão-de-pescoço-preto Wintering / uncommon
Porphyrio porphyrio Gallinule, Purple Caimão Resident / common
Porzana porzana Crake, Spotted Franga-D'agua Migratory / rare
Prunella collaris Accentor, Alpine Ferreirinha-alpina Wintering / rare
Prunella modularis Dunnock Ferreirinha-comum Wintering / common
Ptyonoprogne rupestris Martin, Crag Andorinha-das-rochas Resident / common
Puffinus gravis Shearwater, Great Pardela-de-barrete Migratory
Puffinus griseus Shearwater, Sooty Pardela-preta Migratory
Puffinus mauretanicus Shearwater, Balearic Pardela das Baleares Migratory
Puffinus puffinus Shearwater, Manx Fura-bucho-do-Atlantico Migratory
Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax Chough, Red-billed Gralha-de-bico-vermelho Resident / uncommon
Pyrrhula pyrrhula Bullfinch Dom-fafe Wintering / uncommon
Rallus aquaticus Rail, Water Frango-d'agua Resident / common
Recurvirostra avosetta Avocet Alfaiate Resident / common
Regulus ignicapilla Firecrest Estrelinha-de-cabeça-listada Wintering / common
Regulus regulus Goldcrest Estrelinha-de-poupa Wintering / rare
Riparia riparia Martin, Sand Andorinha-das-barreiras Summer / common
Rissa tridactyla Kittiwake, Black-legged Gaivota-tridactila Wintering / rare
Saxicola rubetra Whinchat Cartaxo-nortenho Migratory / common
Saxicola torquata Stonechat Cartaxo-comum Resident / common
Scolopax rusticola Woodcock Galinhola Wintering / common
Serinus serinus Serin Chamariz Resident / common
Sitta europaea Nuthatch Trepadeira-azul Resident / common
Stercorarius longicaudus Skua, Long-tailed Moleiro-rabilongo Migratory / rare
Stercorarius parasiticus Skua, Arctic Moleiro-pequeno Migratory / uncommon
Stercorarius pomarinus Skua, Pomarine Moleiro-pomarino Migratory / rare
Stercorarius skua Skua, Great Moleiro-grande Migratory / Wintering / common
Sterna albifrons Tern, Little Andorinha-do-mar-anã Summer / common
Sterna caspia Tern, Caspian Garajau-grande Migratory / Wintering / common
Sterna hirundo Tern, Common Andorinha-do-mar-comum Migratory / uncommon
Sterna paradisaea Tern, Arctic Gaivina do artico Migratory / rare
Sterna sandvicensis Tern, Sandwich Garajau-comum Wintering / common
Streptopelia decaocto Dove, Collared Rola-turca Resident / common
Streptopelia turtur Dove, Turtle Rola-brava Summer / common
Strix aluco Owl, Tawny Coruja-do-mato Resident / common
Sturnus unicolor Starling, Spotless Estorninho-preto Resident / common
Sturnus vulgaris Starling, Common Estorninho-malhado Wintering / common
Sylvia atricapilla Blackcap Tentilhão-montês Resident / common
Sylvia borin Warbler, Garden Felosa-das-figueiras Migratory / common
Sylvia cantillans Warbler, Subalpine Toutinegra-carrasqueira Summer / common
Sylvia communis Whitethroat Papa-amoras-comum Migratory / common
Sylvia conspicillata Warbler, Spectacled Toutinegra-tomilheira Summer / uncommon
Sylvia hortensis Warbler, Orphean Toutinegra-real Summer / uncommon
Sylvia melanocephala Warbler, Sardinian Toutinegra-real Resident / common
Sylvia undata Warbler, Dartford Felosa-do-mato Resident / common
Tachybaptus ruficollis Grebe, Little Mergulhão-pequeno Resident / common
Tadorna ferruginia Shelduck, Ruddy Pato-canela Wintering / rare
Tadorna todorna Shelduck, Common Pato-branco Resident / common
Tetrax tetrax Bustard, Little Sisão Resident / uncommon
Treskiornis aethiopicus Ibis, Sacred Ibis-sagrado Rare
Tringa erythropus Redshank, Spotted Perna-vermelha-escuro Migratory / Wintering / uncommon
Tringa flavipes Yellowlegs, Lesser Perna-amarela-pequeno Rare
Tringa glareola Sandpiper, Wood Macarico-bastardo Migratory / uncommon
Tringa nebularia Greenshank Perna-verde-comum Migratory / Wintering / common
Tringa ochropus Sandpiper, Green Maçarico-bique-bique Migratory / Wintering / common
Tringa stagnatilis Sandpiper, Marsh Perna-verde-fino Rare
Tringa totanus Redshank, Common Perna-vermelha-comum Migratory / Wintering / common
Troglodytes troglodytes Wren Carriça Resident / common
Turdus iliacus Redwing Tordo-ruivo Wintering / common
Turdus merula Blackbird Melro-preto Resident / common
Turdus philomelos Thrush, Song Tordo-comum Wintering / common
Turdus pilaris Fieldfare Tordo-zornal Wintering / uncommon
Turdus torquatus Ouzel, Ring Melro-de-peito-branco Migratory / Wintering / uncommon
Turdus viscivorus Thrush, Mistle Tordoveia Resident / common
Tyto alba Owl, Barn Coruja-das-torres Resident / common
Upupa epops Hoopoe Poupa Resident / common
Vanellus gregarius Plover, Sociable Abibe-sociável  
Vanellus vanellus Lapwing Abibe Wintering / common

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