Nature Conservation Projects in the Algarve

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Bird ringing at A Rocha
One of the team at A Rocha conducting a demonstration of how to ring a bird so that it can be monitored

Getting information about wildlife in the Algarve can be difficult and frustrating: directions and signage for nature reserves are in short supply, and when you finally arrive it is to often find that information boards have either been vandalised, or are so badly weather-worn that they are indecipherable.

The pace of development, particularly along the coast, can lead you to believe that soon nothing will be left for the wildlife lovers among us to enjoy. Despite this, and the devastating economic recession which has put such pressure on any but essential projects, nature conservation is alive and well in the Algarve and there are a number of organisations actively involved in conservation projects.

This section describes some of the work being carried out in the Algarve to promote wildlife conservation and the people behind them.

Some of the many initiatives include bird migration monitoring, improved low impact access to nature reserves and an Iberian Lynx conservation project based near Monchique.

Conservation Projects in the Algarve

Paradise Regained - restoring life to valley badly damaged by unsustainable land use.

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